Monday, June 10, 2013

According to my phone...

Happy Monday! 

Yummy post-finals drinks. Tray chic

Delicious bratwursts from a day trip with my sister 

One of my favorite places: the Kirkland Waterfront

Summer: time to read for fun & time for ice cream

Beautiful baubles spotted at J.Crew

Latte date with a friend

Happy hour oysters with the girls!

DIY high-waisted denim shorts

Relaxing painting on a Sunday afternoon

Paper flower crafts and mini paintings

Treats from Europe c/o a friend who spent a year abroad

'The best BBQ pulled pork in town' according to my dad, and I have to agree

First day of work & first food truck experience 

Another day, another food truck

Ingredients for a good rainy Friday afternoon

Picnic in the park 

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Hope you have a great week!


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