Wednesday, March 4, 2015


View of Reykjavik's lovely colorful roofs from the highest point in the city, Hallgrímskirkja.

Overlooking the Arctic Ocean. (It was our first time seeing it!)

"Town's Best Hotdogs": some say these are the best hot dogs in the world, and I must say they were quite delicious. 

Afternoon lattes in cute cafes.

Horse tenderloin for him & three types of fish for me. 

Chandelier at Grillmarkaðurinn.

Breakfast with a side of reading.

Quirky home decor shops everywhere.

Birthday dinner that included smoked puffin, sea trout, blue ling, minke whale, lamb and lobster. (Plus the best passionfruit sorbet/vanilla skyr mousse dessert!)

Over Valentine's Day weekend (which also happened to be my birthday weekend), we ended up taking a mini last minute trip to Reykjavik! We only had a few short days there, but that's all it took to fall in love with the city. 


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